To build a domestic wastewater treatment plant, a standard system should be used. , which standard is appropriate? The following article, although brief, is full of documents and content for water quality standards as well as standards for wastewater treatment.

1. Water quality standards

Depending on the nature, composition wastewater and the characteristics of the receiving source, there are water treatment methods. different waste. However, wastewater discharged into the source must meet current environmental standards.

For domestic wastewater. QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT National Technical Regulation on Domestic Wastewater is a tool to control and evaluate quality.

This regulation regulates the maximum allowable values of pollution parameters in domestic wastewater when discharged into the environment. This regulation does not apply to domestic wastewater discharged into the centralized wastewater treatment system.

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2. Design standards

Design a wastewater treatment station so that the quality of water after treatment meets standards?

TCVN 7957:2008: Drainage – Networks and external structures – Design standards

As for the design of treatment works, there can be flexibility based on the composition of wastewater. In TCVN 7957:2008, section 8- Wastewater treatment works presents general regulations as well as calculation methods for designing typical treatment units.

Refer to the standard content according to the link.

Diagram of domestic wastewater treatment standards

Today with the development and integration of the World. There are many new technologies applied to improve efficiency and reduce construction area. However, in general, no matter what technology is used, the ultimate goal is still to meet water quality standards before discharging into receiving sources.

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