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Currently exhaust gas treatment system has been applied in many ways. exhaust gas treatment method before releasing it into the environment.

In which, biological exhaust gas treatment technology is considered one of the most effective treatment methods currently used by most factories, Industrial park selected to treat polluting gases.

You really want to learn about the method. Please read carefully the following content to apply the correct technique.

The article will provide the following basic knowledge:


Biological exhaust gas treatment is a method that takes advantage of decomposing microorganisms. Or consume harmful emissions.

Microorganisms and bacteria will absorb and assimilate toxic organic and inorganic components in exhaust gases and emit gases such as CO2,…

Exhaust gas treatment using biological methods has the following characteristics:

  • Exhaust gas cleaning technology using biological methods includes a main treatment tank called “droplet biological filter, biological filter and membrane filter”. The methods of these tanks are similar. Exhaust gases carrying volatile pollutants are passed through a treatment tank, where volatiles are converted from the gas phase to the liquid phase.
  • Microorganisms adapt to slow environments and long retention times. Microorganisms involved in the process include bacteria, fungi and protozoa. For example, Microcosus abbus, Proteur vulgnus, Streptomyces,… During the treatment process these microorganisms, depending on the interaction with the treatment ingredients, form a thin film-like population of organisms called is a biomass membrane.
  • Contaminants must be soluble in water and capable of being oxidized and decomposed by microorganisms
  • The temperature for the optimal method is within the upper and lower limits from 5-6oC to 15-40o
  • The mixture of exhaust gases to be treated must not contain toxic substances that kill microorganisms.

The principles applied in treating exhaust gases using biological methods include the following3 basic principles:

  • Balanced distribution of pollutants.
  • Diffusion into biological membranes.
  • Biodegradation of pollutants

First, Biofillter

  • Concept of biological filtration method in exhaust gas treatment

Biofiltration method is a relatively new pollution treatment method. This is an attractive method to handle foul-smelling gases and odors. -volatile-hoi-voc”> volatile organic compounds have low concentrations.

The biofiltration exhaust gas treatment system provides an environment for microorganisms to grow and decompose foul-smelling gases and disease-causing organic substances in the exhaust gas.

The filtration system includes a sealed chamber that contains microorganisms and absorbs water vapor. Keep them in the filter material. The filter material is designed to have a large water absorption capacity. High durability, little loss of airflow pressure passing through it.

  • Principle of operation

mechanism of action of biological filtration

Image of the biological filtration method

The biological filtration system provides an environment for microorganisms to grow and decompose foul-smelling gases and harmful organic substances. -thai-cong-nghiep.html”>pollution in the air.

The filtration system consists of a sealed chamber that contains microorganisms and absorbs water vapor. Keep them in the filter material. In this system, microorganisms will form a biofilm. This is a thin, moist film that surrounds the filter material.

The filter material is designed to maximize water absorption. High durability and little loss of air chamber pressure passing through it.

During the biological filtration process, pollutant gases are humidified. It is then pumped into a chamber below the filter material.

When the gas passes through the filter layer, the pollutants are absorbed. absorption and decomposition. After being filtered, the exhaust gas escapes upward into the atmosphere above the filtration system.

  • Main raw material of exhaust gas treatment process by filtration biological

The moist filter media layer creates favorable physical and chemical conditions for the conversion of pollutants from the gas phase to the liquid phase and the biodegradation of these pollutants by biofilms.

Typical filter media is a mixture of compost substrates, soil, heather, plastic and wood by-products. Filter materials usually have a lifespan of 5-7 years before needing to be replaced.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of treating exhaust gases with biological filtration

Advantages Disadvantages
-Low cost, low operating cost, little use of chemicals.

-Flexible design, easy to apply to all types of companies and enterprises.

– Flexible in handling odors, volatile organic compounds and toxins.

-High processing efficiency

-The biological filtration system is flexible in handling odors, volatile organic compounds and toxins. Treatment efficiency is often greater than 90% for exhaust gases with pollutant concentrations < 1000 ppm.

-Various types of filter media, microorganisms and operating conditions can be applied to meet treatment needs.

-Cannot decompose volatile organic compounds containing chlorine.

-Biological filtration systems cannot handle pollutants with low adsorption capacity. Biodegradation rate is slow e.g. volatile organic compounds containing chlorine.

-Pollution sources have high chemical concentrations. Need large systems and large installation areas.

-High-level pollution sources will affect microorganisms.

-The time for microorganisms to adapt to the environment can last up to months


Second, Biological cleaning devices (Bio-Scrubber).

  • Principles of operation

The operating principle of bio-crubber is different from bio-fillter. In place, the pollutants are absorbed by water and in turn decomposed by microorganisms located in the filter membrane.

The most important structural component of bio-crubbers is the filter membrane. The place where gas mass exchange takes place between contaminated exhaust gas and the absorbent.

When designing any type of filter membrane, special attention should be paid to increasing the phase separation surface area, this is the deciding factor for the effectiveness of absorb.

Inside the absorber toxins and oxygen move into the water. Therefore, the gas released from the absorber will be in a purified state, while the water will be in a contaminated state.

Bio-Scrubber cleaning equipment in biological exhaust gas treatment

Image of Bio-Scrubber cleaning equipment

Third, Biocreactors contain polymer filter membranes

Operating principle of Bioreactor in biological exhaust gas treatment

Image of Bioreactor’s operating principle

Bioreactors contain polymer membranes attached to biological cells (also known as wash-coated bioreactors).

These are the most advanced air cleaning systems. Cleaning from toxic substances also occurs thanks to the enzymatic activity of microbial cells immobilized on the network.

Sometimes instead of cells, enzymes are immobilized onto the above polymer membranes.

However, to implement technological processes. It mainly relies on the use of immobilized microbial cells.

One of the main reasons. This is because they are easily obtained at a cheaper price than enzyme preparations.

In addition, among other technological advantages. It must be mentioned that the high level of stability of enzymes in biological cells compared to enzymes isolated from cells.

As well as the ability to naturally regenerate its cofactor in continuously occurring biochemical processes. While cofactor regeneration in the case of using pure enzyme preparations.

Large production processes will require huge costs and modern equipment

In short: choosing the right technology

Based on the basic knowledge of the above processing method. And depending on the level of the project, choosing technology should be based on the following criteria:

  • In terms of initial investment costs for the project
  • Treatment technology suitable for each specific factory
  • Easy operation equipment, high level of automation
  • Future operating costs

From there, to have an overview and make the most suitable choice for your project.

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