Car wash wastewater treatment

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Hasy Environment is a consulting unit, providing wastewater treatment systems with many years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment.

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Characteristics and properties of car wash wastewater

  • Wastewater contains dirt, soil, sand…
  • Wastewater contains lubricants and soap;
  • Employees’ domestic wastewater contains many organic substances, microorganisms, and grease from cooking activities.

Car wash wastewater treatment technology


Technology diagram of car wash wastewater treatment

Technology diagram for car wash wastewater treatment

Technology diagram explanation

Car wash wastewater is sent through a trash screen system to remove large objects. Then it is sent to the grease separation tank.

Here, large layers of oil will float and be periodically removed for treatment. The water after separating oil and grease is sent to a sand sedimentation tank to separate large particles of sediment, soil, and rocks. Sediment will be periodically discharged and brought to the sand drying yard for treatment.
The water is then sent to the equalization tank to stabilize the flow and concentration of wastewater.
Next, water is sent to the reaction tank. This is to stabilize the pH before transferring to the flocculation tank.

At the flocculation tank, flocculation aid chemicals are added to help the residues stick together to form larger flocs to facilitate the settling process.
After the water is transferred to the settling tank, the flocs formed under the effect of gravity will settle to the bottom of the tank and are periodically taken out for treatment.
The settled water is sent to a disinfection tank to remove disease-causing microorganisms before being discharged into the environment.

Output wastewater standards

After being treated, car wash wastewater must meet QCVN 40: 2011/ BTNMT, National technical regulation on industrial wastewater.


  • Simple, easy to construct and operate
  • Reasonable installation and operating costs
  • Can reuse water after treatment
  • Can be designed in modular form to easily increase capacity, scale,change location when necessary.

Depending on the scale, capacity, characteristics and properties of wastewater; budget, facility area, Hasy Environment consults on design and offers the most suitable treatment and operation technologies. Please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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