Hotel and restaurant wastewater treatment

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Hasy Environment is a consulting unit, providing wastewater treatment systems with many years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment.

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Restaurants and hotels are an indispensable service in the development of the tourism industry, in addition to the benefits brought by This service also has a significant impact on water pollution..

Wastewater generated from these activities, if not treated, will release oil and grease into the environment, causing harm to equipment and water sources.

What is the source of restaurant and hotel wastewater?

Restaurant and hotel wastewater is generated from the following sources:

  • Wastewater from daily activities of employees and customers
  • Wastewater from the kitchen and dining area
  • Wastewater from laundry and hotel cleaning activities

Composition and properties of restaurant and hotel wastewater

Restaurant and hotel wastewater after septic tanks has high concentrations of BOD, COD, Ammonium, Nitrogen, and Coliform.

Wastewater from restaurants, hotels, and kitchen areas has TSS, grease, BOD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, detergent, and Coliform levels many times higher than the allowable discharge standards.

Choose treatment technology

Realizing this importance, Hasy Environment with a team of professors, masters, and technology engineers specializes in consulting, designing, and constructing restaurant and hotel wastewater treatment systems suitable for each type and scale. your business model. For each project, we directly conduct a detailed survey and offer the most optimal technology for you!

Due to the characteristics of restaurant and hotel wastewater, current technologies applied to treat it effectively are as follows:

hotel restaurant wastewater treatment diagram

Technology diagram of restaurant and hotel wastewater treatment system

Explanation of restaurant and hotel wastewater treatment technology.

Grease collection system and separator

Wastewater from the toilet area behind the septic tank is collected by pipes into the collection tank; Wastewater from the kitchen and floor washing water goes through the grease separation tank to the collection tank. Here the wastewater is stabilized before being sent to further treatment works.

Air conditioning tank

Wastewater after preliminary treatment is transferred to the equalization tank to help stabilize the flow and concentration. Air is supplied here to avoid sedimentation and anaerobic decomposition causing unpleasant odors. The wastewater is then pumped to the next treatment works

Anoxic biological tank

In this tank, the anoxic process of microorganisms completely processes nitrogen and photosynthesis

Aerobic biological tank

Aerotank tank receives wastewater from the Anoxic tank and conducts the wastewater treatment process using Aerobic Microbiology technology.

The theoretical basis of the aerobic biological treatment process is to use aerobic microorganisms to decompose organic substances in wastewater in the form of activated sludge and have adequate dissolved oxygen at temperature and pH. … fit.

Biological sedimentation tank

After the wastewater is treated in the previous stages, it goes to the biological sedimentation tank, where the sludge flocs are separated from the water and settle, the clear water goes to the disinfection tank.

The settled sludge is circulated by the sludge pump to the Aerotank to maintain the activated sludge concentration when necessary. If there is excess sludge in the tank, the sludge will be pumped and discharged into the sludge tank.

Disinfection tank

The treated water is  led to the disinfection tank. Here, UV rays will destroy the cell structure of disease-causing microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. The sterilized water is led out into the environment to meet environmental standards.

Advantages and disadvantages of treatment technology


  • Because hotel wastewater concentration and flow vary by hour and season, using this technology is appropriate
  • Effective treatment of organic substances and nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Easy to operate


  • The amount of sludge generated is large

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