Chemical vapor exhaust treatment

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Acid bath for metal removal

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Products and chemicals from thechemical industry are essential for society and human life.

Chemical industry such as: dye, gas and petrochemical production; metal production; cleaning products; explosives production…. Pharmaceutical production is also considered a chemical industry.

However, during this production process, emissions chemical vapors are often generated which are dangerous to humans. and environment. Therefore, factories need to have a chemical vapor exhaust treatment system to ensure worker safety as well as meet environmental standards.

Sources of chemical vapor emissions

Chemical vapor emissions arise from the processes of dipping metal plating in acid baths, from laboratories…

Acid bath for metal cleaning

Acid bath for metal removal

Exhaust gas treatment process

Chemical vapor emissions  -> Centrifugal exhaust fan -> treatment tower -> chimney -> exhaust gas after treatment

Exhaust gas treatment tower

Exhaust gas treatment tower 

Preliminary explanation of exhaust gas treatment

Exhaust gases from metal plating tanks/ from laboratories are centrifugally extracted by fans Exhaust gas is sucked through the hood and brought into treatment tower. At the tower, a rain system is arranged. and buffer layers increase adsorption capacity.

The circulation pump operates continuously. Pump a sufficient amount of chemical water. To treat chemical components in exhaust gas, the treated exhaust gas meets QCVN 19:2015/BTNMT

Note on system installation options

  • Material must be resistant to chemical corrosion, the following options are possible: PP, PVC, Composite
  • Installation location
  • Concentration and composition of substances in exhaust gas.
  • Choosing a team of reputable, quality-assured system installers is essential,
  • Therefore, you should look to addresses with skilled, professional, reputable and quality-assured workers to cooperate. You should research carefully before deciding to choose a certain facility.

Some images of the chemical vapor exhaust treatment system

Mist tower system for treating acid vapor emissions Mist tower system for treating acid vapor emissions

Mist tower system exhaust gas treatment slightly acidic

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