Hasy Environment is a member of Hasy Group established in 2012, marking a pioneering journey in the field of automation of environmental equipment and technology.

With the spirit of “Not trading off the environment for economic growth”, and with the goal to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of technology design consulting services – Construction of environmental protection facilities, over the years, we have constantly researched, applied modern technology and developed high-quality human resources. We are very proud to be appreciated by our customers for the quality of our services

Vision and Strategy

Technology is the focus, but creative thinking is the core that helps Hasy Environment confidently cope with opportunities and challenges. With the hope that each work is a commitment to quality, Hasy environment’s projects are not only a synthesis of modern technologies but also intellectual products researched and designed by Hasy Environment itself.

To express our gratitude to our customers, we sincerely thank our customers for trusting and choosing us as a provider of the following top-tier services: Technology design consultancy – Construction of industrial projects – Environmental profile consultancy. Working with us, customers will surely be satisfied with our technology products and services, which is: “Professional – Prestige – Top Quality”.

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