Dust treatment

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Dust in coal mines

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Since the beginning of the industrial age, factories and industrial facilities have released dust into the environment. The strong development of industry means thatthe amount of dust released into the environment is increasing.

The presence of dust in the atmosphere can be harmful to human health and the environment. Air pollution due to dust can be controlled through through the installation of treatment systems to clean emissions from factory processes.

What sources does dust come from?

Energy industry : Electrical energy is generated from the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal. The process of burning coal will produce emissions containingash dust and pollutants.

Dust at thermal power plants

Dust at thermal power plants

Coal mining industry: The coal mining industry has sources of coal dust from coal transportation, classification, and production routes. This industry also has the potential to change the environment and ecology of the mining area due to trees being destroyed, soil and rocks being excavated…

Dust in coal mines

Dust in coal mines

Metallurgical industry: smelting furnaces process and refine mineral ores and scrap metals. This process generates silicon and metal dust during the initial screening and grinding process.

Cement manufacturing industry: We currently have many cement factories. The amount of dust generated at cement factories is very large. The problem of environmental pollution due to dust in some cement factories is still unresolved.

dust treatment at cement factories

Dust at factory cement

In addition, dust also arises in the construction industry due to transporting materials, dismantling works…

Design of dust treatment system

In its simplest form, a dust treatment system is designed to clean exhaust gases by separating dust from the gas stream. There are many types of dust treatment systems today such as: Dust settling chambers, Dust treatment cyclones, Dust filters, Wet dust filters and Electrostatic dust filters.

Dust treatment system using Cyclon

System dust treatment with Xyclon

Dust treatment system with sleeve dust filter

System dust treatment with hand dust filter shirt

Electrostatic precipitator: Dust treatment

Electrostatic precipitator

Most units have ductwork connected to the exhaust fan. Exhaust fans are used to send exhaust gases through ducts into the treatment equipment. Dust is then separated from the exhaust gas using different methods depending on the equipment.

The collected dust can be removed or reclaimed. Clean dust-free gas is directed to the next treatment system or discharged directly into the environment

Which dust treatment system is best?

Due to the fact there are many brands and types ofdust treatment equipmenton the market.

It’s important to narrow your search based on a few key questions to answer:What is the exhaust flow? What is the concentration and characteristics of dust in exhaust gas? Will this dust treatment system be used continuously or intermittently?

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