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There are many methods to treat wastewater: mechanical, physicochemical or biological methods. Among them, the biological method is considered an effective method, low cost, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.

wastewater treatment using aerobic biological methods

Image of aeration tank of textile wastewater treatment system

Wastewater treatment by aerobic biological method is based on the principle of using microorganisms to treat organic substances and some inorganic pollutants in wastewater. Water creates products that are not harmful to the environment.

Depending on the microorganism used, there are different treatment methods. These can follow: aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic treatment methods. Aerobic biological method has the advantage of fast, effective and simple treatment. Therefore, it has been chosen to be used a lot in wastewater treatment projects.

Images of some microorganisms applied in wastewater treatment

Images of some microorganisms used in wastewater treatment

What is aerobic biological method?

Concept of aerobic biological method

Aerobic biological method is a method that uses aerobic microorganisms to treat pollutants in water under the condition that oxygen is involved.

Commonly used microorganisms are: Actinomyces, Bacillus, Bacterium, Micrococus,…

wastewater treatment by aerobic biological method

Factors affecting aerobic treatment

For wastewater treatment by aerobic biological methods to take place, the following factors need to be paid attention to:

  • Ensure continuous oxygen supply for the microorganism
  • Amount of nutritional elements necessary for biochemical processes to occur
  • Allowable concentration of organic substances
  • Limit the concentration of toxic substances that affect microorganisms
  • pH
  • Temperature

Aerobic treatment processes can be under natural and artificial conditions. In artificial treatment works, due to optimal conditions, the processing process has much higher speed and efficiency.

Depending on the state of existence of microorganisms, they are divided into two types. That is treatment with suspended microorganisms and adherent microorganisms.

Classification diagram of aerobic biological methods

Classification diagram for aerobic biological methods


Some actual images of projects using aerobic biological methods

Wastewater treatment using aerobic biological methods

Image of aerobic biological pond

Image of aerotank in the wastewater treatment system

Image of aerotank in the wastewater treatment system

wastewater treatment using aerobic biological method combined with MBR membrane

Image of aeration tank incorporating MBR membrane

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