Treating bad odors in wastewater

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Wastewater often contains organic substances, under the influence of anaerobic microorganisms under natural conditions or under artificial conditions occurring in wastewater treatment systems with anaerobic treatment tanks, they will arise. odors due to substances such as volatile organic acids, H2S, NH3, etc. Cause environmental pollution, in addition, if people inhale the gases Doing this regularly and continuously will affect your health.

To operate a wastewater treatment system, it is necessary to have staff and technical staff with operating experience to avoid incidents, including the occurrence of bad odors. To overcome this situation, the factory must find the cause.

So what is the cause of bad odors in wastewater?

There are many causes of odor generation from the wastewater treatment system:

  • There are many types of wastewater that are inherently very smelly, such as food processing wastewater, additives, etc., when collected, they use an open channel system and do not have air collection pipes, causing bad odors to spread.
  • The regulation tank has the function of collecting wastewater, helping to stabilize the concentration and flow of wastewater. Organic substances in wastewater will partially settle here. If not aerated, it will lead to anaerobic decomposition, causing unpleasant odors.
  • Wastewater treatment systems with anaerobic tanks will produce a lot of gases such as H2S, the smell of volatile acids, etc. if the gas collection system is open. then the smell of these gases will spread out.
  • With wastewater treatment systems that only have aerobic tanks, if odors arise, it may be due to the death of microorganisms, the aerobic process does not occur, instead the anaerobic process occurs.
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  • It is possible that the odor arising from the sludge tank is due to residual sludge that has not been treated for a long time and will also decompose anaerobically to create an odor.

How to fix the problem of bad odors in wastewater treatment plants

How to fix bad odors in wastewater treatment plants

  • For wastewater with a foul smell, it is necessary to build a closed collection system and have air collection pipes leading to the exhaust gas treatment system.
  • Check the aeration process in the conditioning tank and aerobic biological tank regularly.
  • Check the air collection system of the anaerobic tank.
  • Provides the best living environment for aerobic microorganisms in the aerobic treatment tank.
  • Check the amount of sludge in the sludge tank and periodically treat it.

Methods to handle odors arising in anaerobic tanks

Absorption method with solutions such as NaOH, Ca(OH)2

Odor-causing gases are often acidic, use solutions to dissolve the gases into the solution. The other part can interact to form new substances that reduce odor generation.

Absorption tower image

Absorption tower image

Activated carbon adsorption method

Activated carbon is a material that can adsorb gases such as H2S, NH3.Damage adsorbed with activated carbon

Burning method

This method is suitable for large-scale anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants. The amount of gas collected is large, this combustion process will create energy. Converts pollutants to the form with the highest oxidation number that causes less odor.

This method is often applied to livestock farms. Use an anaerobic biological wastewater treatment system.

Using microorganisms to oxidize odor-causing gases

Use microorganisms that interact with odor-causing gases. Converts these substances into water and substances with higher oxidation numbers, causing less odor.

Wastewater treatment systems containing many organic substances such as wastewater treatment systems for the food industry, daily life, leather tanning, seafood,… will easily generate bad odors. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the possibility of odor generation and make a treatment plan from the beginning.

Hopefully the above article will provide readers with more understanding about bad odors arising from wastewater treatment systems as well as remedies.

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