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Currently, plasma technology is an advanced technology for cleaning and disinfecting wastewater, treating pollutants and removing dust from exhaust gases.

First, to understand plasma exhaust gas treatment technology, you must understand why plasma can be used in exhaust gas treatment?

  • First, plasma has the ability to exhaust gas treatment because Plasma containsnatural ions. due to or other oxidizing compounds, can decompose pollution molecules, organic particles.
  • Secondly, plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas, existing in high temperature conditions or large electromagnetic fields. In the plasma state, atoms are ionized into free electrons and ions and will continue to react with other atomic and molecular components.

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Exhaust gas treatment with plasma technology

Plasma technology has been proven to be possible destroys VOC and is very effective for deodorization.

Odor pollution is a problem in food production, for farms, as well as in waste management.

Typical odor molecules are in fact VOCs. Specifically aldehydes, fatty acids, alkanes, formic acids, amines or esters.

VOC pollution is an issue of increasing importance for the treatment of emissions from industrial processes.

For such problems, plasma may be more suitable than other traditional methods.

Such as absorption, adsorption or thermal processes because of lower energy consumption.

The process based on plasma technology has an energy consumption for exhaust gas of about 35 kWh 70,000 m3/ h and can reduce odors by up to 99%.

Due to its compactness, plasma devices can be easily integrated into today’s systems and processes.

Structure of the exhaust gas treatment system using plasma technology

The main structure of the gas treatment system includes 5 main parts:

  • Air pump
  • Air filter and throttle
  • Plasma chamber
  • Plasma flow control circuit
  • Automatic programmable controller.

Exhaust gas is pumped from outside, through the air duct to the dust filter and throttle valve to adjust the air flow accordingly, then the gas is transferred to the chamber plasma. plasma.

Plasma technology exhaust gas treatment system

Technological exhaust gas treatment system Plasma

Operating principle of the exhaust gas treatment system using plasma technology

The plasma treatment process consists of two stages.

In the first stage

Contaminated air is dust-removed using a pre-filter. The plasma chamber serves as the second stage.

The system uses single-phase AC power converted to approximately 3,000 Volts.

The electric potential created by the plasma tube combined with the air flow creates O2+ and O2 ions – this molecular ion cluster has the ability to oxidize and decompose. VOCs and pollutants.

Clean air that meets standards is directed out into the environment.

The process of forming ion clusters to decompose pollutants

The process of forming ion clusters to decompose pollutants

Results of applying plasma technology to treat exhaust gases from boiling sawdust pellets of boilers, and from exhaust gases from gasoline and diesel engines. Data show that hydrocarbon gas treatment efficiency reaches 72%, 4 types of emissions CO, CO2, NOx… about 50%. Treatment efficiency also depends on each emission source. Therefore, to achieve the highest efficiency for each type of exhaust gas of each plant, processing conditions are very important, such as plasma source voltage, gas flow, plasma chamber size.

Advantages and disadvantages of plasma technology in exhaust gas treatment


  • Uses very little electrical energy=> save costs.
  • Do not use chemicals.
  • Easy installation + operation.
  • Reduce warranty costs. Long life.


  • During the degassing process, a lot of ozone is produced.
  • High initial investment costs


Exhaust gas treatment with plasma technology is a new technology, although not yet popular in Vietnam, it has been applied to treatment systems in the US, UK, and Germany. If you are interested and want to learn more about plasma technology for exhaust gas treatment, please contact us immediately at 0972221608 or website HASY ENVIRONMENT is ready to advise and answer your questions about plasma technology for exhaust gas treatment