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Currently, exhaust gas pollution from factories and industrial parks is a major problem causing serious environmental pollution. Adverse impacts on human health and economic development of the entire society.

Emission pollution is generated from many other sources together. The production process of dipping metal plating, cleaning with chemicals and acids is a serious source of pollution.

To thoroughly treat this source of pollution, both saving investment costs and the durability of equipment during operation.

Optimal materials are selected to process Exhaust gas treatment towerwithPP plastic material. PP Plastic material withstands high corrosion levels of chemicals in general and acids in particular.

Materials for manufacturing exhaust gas treatment towers made of PP plastic

     PP plastic sheet

PP plastic sheet

Exhaust gas absorption tower is manufactured from many other materials together: can be made of FRP-coated SS 400 steel, or stainless steel or PP plastic.

Among them, PP plastic is the top choice because of its reasonable price, high strength, and good corrosion resistance.

Why should you choose PP plastic as a material to make exhaust gas treatment absorption towers and plating tanks?

Absorption tower for exhaust gas treatment made of pp plastic

PP plastic absorption tower

  • PP plastic or chemical name Polypropylene. Is a polymer compound with high tensile strength, elongation, and bending properties.
  • PP plastic is made from pp plastic beads with chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant additives and can withstand temperatures of 1000C.
  • PP plastic comes in sheets with many different colors such as: White, Ivory, Gray…. There are many applications in the production process: such as export Exhaust gas treatment absorption tower, Plating tank, acid pickling tank,

Acid Plating Tank made of pp plastic

Acid Plating Tank made of pp plastic

Production process of pp plastic waste gas treatment tower

From PP plastic sheet through processing equipment into processing tower, pipes and accessories

Supplier of pp plastic tower system

System exhaust gas treatment Plating Tank Made of PP Plastic Hasy Environment designed.

To choose a supplier of PP plastic towers in exhaust gas treatment, you need to pay attention to:

  • Supplier’s price
  • Optimal design suitable for capacity, avoiding waste
  • Post-installation service (warranty, maintenance)

With many years of experience in the field of exhaust gas treatment, Hasy Environment is confident in meeting the harsh criteria set by the investor.

Depending on each business scale, field of activity and estimated budget for exhaust gas treatment, the application Hasy Environment will design the most suitable product package. That’s why the quality of exhaust gas treatment always meets prescribed standards with low and moderate investment prices.

Highly corrosive exhaust gas treatment solution using PP plastic material. Currently the top choice of many factories and industrial parks. Choosing Hasy Environment you will be completely satisfied with the quality and price. As well as after-sales care. If you need detailed information, please call 097 222 1608 to quickly answer all questions.