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The smell is dispersed in the air very quickly and widely. Impact on the health of communities living around polluting facilities.

To thoroughly treat this source of pollution. Researchers apply adsorption technology using activated carbon. This is a method of completely adsorbing organic compounds contained in odors in exhaust gas.

Activated carbon used as an adsorbent material in odor treatment?

image of activated carbon used in odor adsorption

Some images of activated carbon used in odor adsorption

  • Activated carbon is a product of coconut shell old or old bamboo. Burned at high temperature high in anaerobic environment, and activated according to specific technology to produce each type with its own quality.
  • Activated carbon is mainly made up of carbon, with ahoneycomb structure. With this structure, the surface area of activated carbon is very large, leading to easy adsorption
  • Activated carbon is activated from many different raw materials. Like “Peat, coal, rice husk, wood, bamboo,.”
  • Activated carbon is processed into many forms: granules, powder, tubes, tablets, etc.

Because of the above specific properties, activated carbon is used as the main material to absorb Odor in Treatment emissions

Why should you choose the activated carbon adsorption method to treat exhaust odor

Activated carbon deodorization system is commonly used in industries.

  • Activated carbon adsorption method can be combined in exhaust gas treatment andodor treatment; High treatment efficiency. Especially for some volatile substances such as SOx, NOx, CO …. Can handle large exhaust gas flows. Simple operation, easy maintenance and repair, replacement cost of low adsorbent material.
  • Because the structure of the adsorbent material has a porous structure, it creates many uneven and complex holes. Therefore, it adsorbs well gas and liquid compounds.

Dust and odor filtration system at phone case factory

Dust and odor filtration system at phone case factory

Principle of operation Adsorption tower for odor treatment with activated carbon

All odor generating points are collected by suitable suction hoods and pipes.

Under the operation of the motor of the centrifugal exhaust fan. The odor is completely absorbed through the exhaust hood and pipes leading the exhaust air into the air filter chamber.

Here, exhaust gases and odors pass through filter trays containing activated carbon to remove odor-causing compounds.

Structure in filter chamber installation arrangement. So that all passing air streams are thoroughly filtered of all polluting components.

After a certain period of operation. The activated carbon adsorbent material is saturated and cannot absorb any more, so we should change this layer of filter material to process the odor treatment, exhaust gas treatment effectively.

Activated carbon odor treatment system at Samsung welding component factory

Activated carbon odor treatment system at Samsung welding component factory

Choose a supplier of activated carbon odor treatment system

Exhaust gas treatment system printing plant.

Factory exhaust gas treatment system print.

Hasy Environment is a unit specializing in exhaust gas treatment and environmental treatment with many years of experience in treating large and small factories nationwide. If customers are in need of a unit to provide solutions for exhaust gas treatment. Please contact us to get the most specific advice.

Depending on each business scale, field of activity and estimated budget for emissions treatment. Hasy Environment unit will design the most suitable product package. That’s why the quality of exhaust gas treatment always meets prescribed standards with low investment prices.

On the market today, there are many odor treatment services using activated carbon with many different prices and qualities. Choosing Hasy Environment you will be completely satisfied in every aspect.

  • Reasonable price
  • Commitment to quality
  • Suitable for all business fields
  • After-sales maintenance mode

Exhaust gas treatment solution contains organic compounds. Currently the top choice of many factories and industrial parks. Coming to Hasy Environment, you will be completely satisfied with the quality, price as well as after-sales care. If you need detailed information about this treatment tower, you can go to or call 097 222 1608 for a free consultation.

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